Shooting Stars

Sitting on the back porch of a rental cottage I have treated hubby and I to as our 16 year anniversary present and his birthday, and thinking about blogging – something I have never yet done.  What should I write about, what’s interesting, who wants to know anything about what I think?  You know when you go to that place of vulnerability, of self doubt, of sometimes not feeling good enough (but that’s all about attachment and a whole other topic!!)

So, it’s an area of outstanding beauty (where we’re staying not the husband) and protected night skies so no light pollution and wow, I mean, I’ve seen some beautiful night skies but this was perfect, and then, like a literal bolt out the blue, a shooting star speeds right past, to which I was advised strongly by my husband, to make a wish on.  I did – it was pressured and the response was a healthy happy life for my family.  Then I reflected, that was my ‘fast thinking’ at work, my instinct, but if I slow this thinking down would that still be my thought – yes it would, as a parent that’s what I want for my children, I would, however, expand that to include others  had I thought about it more slowly.  So, my thought, your fast thinking and gut reactions are based on something – don’t ignore them, but make sure you test them out and challenge your intuition, and see what improvements can be made because we’re constantly being asked to make decisions in a pressurised environment – allow yourself the chance to breathe and reflect, on which note, I’m off to get the shorts on, breathe, reflect (and maybe have a gin later!!)


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